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Thomas Vournazos |

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My name is Thomas Vournazos. I studied Architecture and took my Diploma in 2008. Since then I’ve been working as a 3D Artist, mainly with Architects. Since 2012, I’d been living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. I run a personal studio called Slashcube.
The last year I was working with Architects on several projects on either Architectural Visualisations, Product Design and Interior Design. Of course the type of imagery is not at all close to the one I created for he Competition, but I do try to add something different on my Commissioned images. Personally I take inspiration from quite a lot of sources. I love watching Artists creating great images on gaming Industries. One big reason I love playing with light and the ambient atmosphere, comes mainly from inspirational studios like MIR, RSI, Luxigon, Bloomimages etc. I could say I am focused on the impact of an image rather than making it look real etc.
Mainly I like to have a solid good render , so I tend to be quite realistic on the process of rendering, but of course the percentage of Photoshop work comes to be the main factor of the result of my images. This one reason was the main one to run and find time for that competition. I loved the idea of combining a good technique and a rather good skill (along with a lot of patience).
I would like to thank again all the creators of the Competition and the Sponsors that made it all so attractive.

NAME | Thomas Vournazos
LOCATION | Zurich, Switzerland
SOFTWARE USED | Maxon Cinema 4D + VrayC4D & Photoshop

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  • You have put your heart and soul into these images, that differentiates a great artist from a good one. these images turned out to be poetry! What more can i say? A global problem with 3d people is that they ruin the rendering, but in your work AXYZ 3d people complement the very artistic rendering and that is what makes AXYZ collections to stand out. These images are what this competition is all about!
    Maryam Nademi

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3rd Place | Honorable Mention
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Comments to “1st Place | Grand Prize”

  1. Well done!
    This guy has a big understanding for “drama” in his pictures!
    Awesome work and a really big 1st. place!


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